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About Kinu

Who are we?

Kinu's Aromas started in my kitchen at home in Lancashire! 

My name is Kiran and I hand pour all the wax melts in small batches to ensure the best quality in the wax melts. I use the Highest fragrance percentage legally allowed to provide strongly scented wax melts that last. 

As a lover of colour and glitter, i want to bring a bit of sparkle and fun to my products and create a brand that represents being quirky, girly and fun with a touch of glamour!

Why the name Kinu Aromas?

'Kinu' was a childhood nickname, it's pronounced Keenu which means Orange in Urdu. My heritage is Pakistani. I wanted to incorporate some of my personality and background into the business which is why i picked this as my brand name. 

What are the goals for Kinu Aromas?

- To create eco conscious wax melts - from the wax that I use, fragrance oils, biodegradable glitters to the packaging used i try ensure that my products are biodegradable or recyclable and as Earth friendly as possible. 

- To give people a moment of happiness & calm in their day. Whether it's by sitting down in a room filled relaxing aromas or opening a parcel filled with gorgeous wax melts or even finding a gift you feel a loved one would enjoy!